Annie x Hitch
Canon Information
Character 1 Annie
Character 2 Hitch
Canonical? Fanon
Status of Relationship Room mates
Fanon Information
Type Fem
Fanfictions? Yes

Anihitch is a fem ship between Annie and Hitch.

Opinions Edit

You know when you were younger and you thought
when girls had a slumberparty they were actua-
lly having a pillow fight in lingerie? Then
you grew up and realized they did the same
thing guys do; eat pizza and watch movies. That
is this ship.Validity: Sorry to Disappoint.
-- [JakRiot]

Funniest ship name I have ever made xDD
0/5 lol
Sounds like a ship name for Harry Potter x
Ginny xD

WTF is happening to this fandom *sighs*
-- [Ackermanlet]